what does it do?

The project leverages a plugin API for NASA Web WorldWind that can used to display OpenStreetMap (OSM) data in two and three dimensions, which is developed within the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2017 project - 3D OSM Plugin API. The API fetches any OSM data in real time based on a bounding box or uses a local OSM GeoJSON file. The API focuses on the performance of the visualization of 3D OSM buildings, and for this purpose creates triangle meshes based on the footprint available in OSM. Height information may come from OSM, a property in GeoJSON file may be used or an arbitrary value may be assigned. The API can also create a heatmap based on the heights of the buildings.

Check the source code at https://github.com/kilsedar/3dosm.

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what can you do with it?

display any osm data - points (example: amenities)

display any osm data - lines (example: footways)

display any osm data - polygons (example: forest)

display osm buildings in 3d

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